Preserving & Protecting Wealth Using Private CRE Partnerships

In July of 2019, the current economic expansion officially became the longest in United States History1. It began in June of 2009 and, for the last decade, investors of all types have benefited from a truly historic ,economic expansion. Opinions vary widely on when or how it’ll come to an end, but precedent tells us two [...]

The Case For Private Equity Commercial Real Estate Partnerships

If you’ve decided that you’d like to make a commercial real estate investment, two logical questions likely follow: what type of property are you going to invest in and what type of investment are you going to make? Regarding property type, there are four broad commercial real estate asset classes: retail, industrial, office, and multifamily. Each [...]

Benefits of a Middle-Market CRE Investment Strategy

To maximize the odds of delivering above average returns, commercial real estate property investors and managers tend to develop expertise in a specific market segment. This expertise, combined with the experience gained through multiple transaction cycles can create a competitive advantage that becomes an asset for investors and partners. When choosing which segment to develop expertise in, [...]

Debunking the Commercial Real Estate Liquidity Myth

There’s a popular saying in investment circles that “cash is king.” For many, this means that an investment’s liquidity is of paramount importance, and it may be. Conversely, it also implies that lack of liquidity is a bad thing, but we choose to look at it a bit differently. It’s common for commercial real estate deals [...]

How to Invest in Shopping Centers Through a Private Equity Real Estate Firm

Buying a retail shopping center has the potential to be a very profitable transaction.  If done correctly, it can deliver a stable stream of rental income and steady capital appreciation resulting in a substantial return for the owner upon exit.  However, buying a shopping center isn’t nearly as easy as picking up a few things at [...]

Risk Managment in Commercial Real Estate

Risk management in commercial real estate investing exists on a spectrum. On one end, the safest investments have the highest prices and offer the lowest returns. For example, a single tenant property leased to a national tenant may return ~5% annually, but may sell for a premium because of its relative safety. On the other end [...]

Commercial Real Estate Opportunity Zones: An Investment Primer

Cities are exciting, vibrant places.  They’re teeming with energy and, while it’s not noticeable on a day to day basis, constantly in a state of change.  In some cases, change can be a powerful force that improves the lives of many. In others, it has the potential to leave a city’s most vulnerable residents and communities [...]

Upgrading from Investing in Residential Real Estate to Commercial Real Estate

Navigating the Transition from Residential to Commercial Real Estate Investment Individuals making a first time real estate investment often begin with a residential rental property acquisition to jump start their investing career. Purchasing a condominium, single-family home, or duplex can be a good introduction to earning rental income and experiencing the responsibilities associated with managing a [...]

Risk vs. Return: The Types of Commercial Real Estate Investments

Within the landscape of commercial real estate investment, an investor must make a myriad of decisions about where to deploy their capital. From asset class to market, project type, and capital structure, each decision is a plot point on the risk vs. return spectrum. For every choice that adds more risk to the equation, a higher [...]

Benefits of Investing in Private Commercial Real Estate

Smart investors are looking for ways to make their money work for them, which is why private commercial real estate is often part of the investment strategy. If you are looking for new investment opportunities, then it can be helpful to learn about these benefits to identify the best place to put your money. What is [...]

Use Private Equity Commercial Real Estate to Diversify Your Portfolio

Diversity is everything when it comes to a strong investment strategy. Some investors can’t relax because they are worried about the stock market volatility. Even though the stock market might be high right now, it’s hard to predict the downswings that might happen in the future. Whether you’ve invested in the stock market, bonds, or other [...]

How to Self-Direct a Roth IRA to Invest in Commercial Real Estate

Did you know that retirement savings in a Roth IRA aren’t limited to investments in stocks and bonds? In the past, it has been common for investors to use traditional investment assets for these accounts. But new opportunities are growing in popularity and could lead to higher gains in the future, such as self-directed Roth commercial [...]

Self-Directed IRA Rules to Know Before Investing

Putting your money into an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) can be a good strategy to ensure that you have the finances needed to support your lifestyle in the future. But it is important that you learn the regulations and guidelines to the way the money can be accessed and invested. In this article, we are looking [...]

Investors Need to be Aware of These Self-Directed IRA Risks

Do you have an IRA to use as a vehicle to build wealth for retirement? An Individual Retirement Account (IRA) is a common way for people to set money aside and grow their finances for future expenses and retirement living. As with all investments, some pros and cons need to be considered. It is important that [...]

What You Need to Know about Private Equity Commercial Real Estate Trusts

Commercial real estate investing can seem like a big opportunity if you find the right deal. To the untrained investor, it is essential that you align yourself with partners and investment teams that understand the industry. Private equity commercial real estate trusts might be an excellent choice when you are looking for something that offers excellent [...]

Tips for Joining a Private Equity Real Estate Fund

Personal investments can be the vehicle that helps your family build wealth over the years. But it can be overwhelming to dive into the commercial real estate world if you don’t know much about your investment options. Instead of going through the stressful experience of trial and error on your own, consider the benefits of joining [...]

Private Investors: Commercial Real Estate Options to Maximize Your Investment

Are you considering your options for real estate investments? Private investors: commercial real estate is a great solution if you are looking for maximum returns and high-yield investments. But this is one industry that you shouldn’t jump into without knowing more about your options. Learning about various types of buildings, mortgages, and more will help you [...]

Self-Directed IRA Myths: Sifting Truth in the Industry

If you are looking for investment alternatives to bonds and stocks, then you might be considering options to pair an IRA account with commercial real estate investing. But even the savviest investors can be confused by common self-directed IRA myths. Here are five of the most common things that are misunderstood about self-directed IRAs: 5 Self-Directed [...]

Losing Money with Crowdfunding: What Would That Look Like?

Every investor has the intention to maximize profits when putting money into new ventures and projects. While there are many times when investments are successful, you also need to be prepared for potential losses as well. Losing money with crowdfunding is something that is feared by many new investors. But you don’t have to be scared [...]

Crowdfunding Tax Law Changes and How They Impact Investors

Significant tax law changes were established in 2012, changing the way investment opportunities were offered in the real estate industry. When these crowdfunding tax law changes went into effect, it lowered the barrier of entry to make real estate investing a possibility for people who don’t know much about the industry. How Things Shifted with the [...]