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Conducting Thorough Due Diligence

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When you are purchasing something for several million dollars, it is incredibly important that you give yourself an opportunity to conduct serious due diligence on the isolated asset. At our firm, we have over a 100 point checklist of [...]

Understanding Building Classes

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Typically, commercial real estate investors apply a simple, straightforward grading system to rate the quality, location, and other key characteristics of a building. The typical classes are A, B, and C. Building classes apply to all commercial product types, multifamily, retail, industrial, [...]

Giving a Break for Term

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One of the most crucial valuation components to a piece of commercial real estate is the term left on the current tenancy's leases. It's a simple equation: Longer Terms = Higher Valuation While keeping a properties net operating income [...]

Properties Starved for Capital

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One of the most straightforward, effective value-add deals to look for, acquire, and then reposition, is the asset that is starved for capital. Many times you can find well located real estate that is simply not performing because it requires [...]

Betting on the Come

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If you have played craps before you understand how the come bet works. I won’t try to explain it in detail if you aren’t familiar with the game, but when you hear the phrase it basically means that you don’t have [...]

Understanding Management Intensity

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The underlying principals of commercial real estate investment are pretty simple, you own a building, and tenants pay you rent to lease space from you. But what goes into being successful from a management standpoint, can vary drastically from [...]