Investing in Commercial Real Estate Using Self-Directed IRA

There’s no doubt that commercial real estate is a great option for people looking to diversify their investment portfolios. Whether you are thinking about office buildings or retail property, you might evaluate various funding options so that you can get in on the action with real estate investing. One solution is commercial real estate using self-directed [...]

1031 Exchanges : Commercial Real Estate Basics

Commercial property owners want to maximize all of the tax advantages that are available to offset annual taxes and fees. 1031 exchanges offer solutions that can be used for various commercial properties. As you consider acquiring commercial property, it is vital to consult with financial professionals for more information about the solutions that will fit your [...]

Non-Recourse Financing

When most real estate investors are getting started, they don’t have “hard money” for the investment. But even though you don’t have money in the bank to pay cash up front for the investment, there are often financing options that can be leveraged. If you are looking for a loan for an investment opportunity, consider non-recourse [...]

What Is Debt Service Coverage Ratio (DSCR)

When analyzing leveraged commercail real estate (properties you acquire using debt) assets, one of the most important metrics to look at it something known as Debt Service Coverage Ratio. Debt Service Coverage Ratio (DSCR) is a ratio that tells you how much debt you need to service, compared to how much net operating income you are [...]

A Fuse Burning at Both Ends

Great wealth has been grown and preserved by investing in commercial real estate assets, and one of those reasons is for what I like to call “the fuse burning at both ends” concept. Lenders love commercial real estate. It is a highly financeable, secured asset that does not move. That’s why the bankers love it. When you [...]

The Top 7 Commercial Real Estate Commandments

I wanted to share with you what I like to call the "Seven Commercial Real Estate" Commandments: 1. Commercial real estate is a local business There is no substitute for local market knowledge. Local operators will outperform investors who do not intimately understand the market. 2. Commercial real estate is a full-time business There is no [...]

Are the Numbers Real

When you're making an offer on a property, you're usually working off of numbers provided by the seller and/or seller's broker. Doesn't this seem a little strange? A party with the complete opposite interest of yours is providing you with ALL of the data that you will base your potential offer to purchase on. I'm not [...]

Why Private Equity Commercial Real Estate is a Good Choice for Investors

Private equity commercial real estate can offer an excellent return for investors when the right property is chosen. But there is a risk if the asset doesn’t meet certain requirements that will benefit all investments. If you are an investor thinking about asset options for your portfolio, then our team at First National Realty Partners is here [...]

Conducting Thorough Due Diligence

When you are purchasing something for several million dollars, it is incredibly important that you give yourself an opportunity to conduct serious due diligence on the isolated asset. At our firm, we have over a 100 point checklist of documents and items that need to be reviewed and cleared before we can close. No matter what [...]

Which Kind of Real Estate Investor Are You?

There are many ways to invest in real estate. Many asset classes. Many styles. Many locations. Etc. Savvy investors are able to generate a return on investment in many unique niches. But ultimately, it comes down to two very distinct styles. 1. Buy and Hold 2. Value Add Buy and hold investors acquire real estate simply [...]

Part Time Real Estate Bad Business

I know many people who were successful in other industries who parked much of their wealth into real estate assets and built tremendous net worth. Usually, though, this is the exception, not the norm. Most people who come into the real estate business do not have the right expectations of what it takes to be successful. [...]

An Investors Guide to Commercial Real Estate Building Classes

When you are preparing to invest in a new venture, commercial real estate building classes can be helpful in providing information about the property. This grading system is both simple and straightforward, giving investors details about the location, quality, and other key characteristics of the building. Three Categories: Commercial Real Estate Building Classes The building classes [...]

Different Commercial Real Estate Investment Vehicles

For passive investors, finding the right way to expose yourself to the real estate asset class can be confusing. You might hear many different terms or buzz words - REITs, TICs, LLCs, Funds, Private Equity, Notes, Debt Funds. The question many investors ask is "What's the difference between all of the available commercial real estate investment [...]

Giving a Break for Term

One of the most crucial valuation components to a piece of commercial real estate is the term left on the current tenancy's leases. It's a simple equation: Longer Terms = Higher Valuation While keeping a properties net operating income (NOI) as high as possible is also a major contributor to the valuation of a property, sometimes [...]

Properties Starved for Capital

One of the most straightforward, effective value-add deals to look for, acquire, and then reposition, is the asset that is starved for capital. Many times you can find well located real estate that is simply not performing because it requires an additional capital infusion. Think about a retail center with a large parking lot that is in [...]

Betting on the Come

If you have played craps before you understand how the come bet works. I won’t try to explain it in detail if you aren’t familiar with the game, but when you hear the phrase it basically means that you don’t have what you need right now, but you are willing to bet on getting what you’ll need to [...]

My Case for Service Oriented Retail Real Estate

I think the single biggest opportunity for commercial real estate investors across the United States over the next decade will be in investing in service oriented retail shopping centers. When I say service oriented, I am referring to what investors in the industry call neighborhood or community centers. These are centers many times anchored by drug stores [...]

The Single Most Important Phrase in CRE

The single most important phrase in the real estate business is "You Make Your Money on the Buy." What that means is that the profitability of a deal is actually determined before you close on the property, not when you start managing it. The purchase price of an asset is the single most important factor in [...]

Different Types of Commercial Real Estate Leases

I often get questions from current and prospective partners about leases. I wanted to write you this short email to tell you about the different kinds of leases we sign with our tenants. 1. Gross Leases In a gross lease, the tenant pays the property owner a fixed amount. This amount is all inclusive for a [...]

Understanding Management Intensity

The underlying principals of commercial real estate investment are pretty simple, you own a building, and tenants pay you rent to lease space from you. But what goes into being successful from a management standpoint, can vary drastically from asset to asset. On one side of the spectrum, you have an absolute triple net retail building [...]