Self-Directed IRA Rules to Know Before Investing

Putting your money into an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) can be a good strategy to ensure that you have the finances needed to support your lifestyle in the future. But it is important that you learn the regulations and guidelines to the way the money can be accessed and invested. In this article, we are looking [...]

Investors Need to be Aware of These Self-Directed IRA Risks

Do you have an IRA to use as a vehicle to build wealth for retirement? An Individual Retirement Account (IRA) is a common way for people to set money aside and grow their finances for future expenses and retirement living. As with all investments, some pros and cons need to be considered. It is important that [...]

What You Need to Know about Private Equity Commercial Real Estate Trusts

Commercial real estate investing can seem like a big opportunity if you find the right deal. To the untrained investor, it is essential that you align yourself with partners and investment teams that understand the industry. Private equity commercial real estate trusts might be an excellent choice when you are looking for something that offers excellent [...]

Tips for Joining a Private Equity Real Estate Fund

Personal investments can be the vehicle that helps your family build wealth over the years. But it can be overwhelming to dive into the commercial real estate world if you don’t know much about your investment options. Instead of going through the stressful experience of trial and error on your own, consider the benefits of joining [...]

Private Investors: Commercial Real Estate Options to Maximize Your Investment

Are you considering your options for real estate investments? Private investors: commercial real estate is a great solution if you are looking for maximum returns and high-yield investments. But this is one industry that you shouldn’t jump into without knowing more about your options. Learning about various types of buildings, mortgages, and more will help you [...]

Self-Directed IRA Myths: Sifting Truth in the Industry

If you are looking for investment alternatives to bonds and stocks, then you might be considering options to pair an IRA account with commercial real estate investing. But even the savviest investors can be confused by common self-directed IRA myths. Here are five of the most common things that are misunderstood about self-directed IRAs: 5 Self-Directed [...]

Losing Money with Crowdfunding: What Would That Look Like?

Every investor has the intention to maximize profits when putting money into new ventures and projects. While there are many times when investments are successful, you also need to be prepared for potential losses as well. Losing money with crowdfunding is something that is feared by many new investors. But you don’t have to be scared [...]

Crowdfunding Tax Law Changes and How They Impact Investors

Significant tax law changes were established in 2012, changing the way investment opportunities were offered in the real estate industry. When these crowdfunding tax law changes went into effect, it lowered the barrier of entry to make real estate investing a possibility for people who don’t know much about the industry. How Things Shifted with the [...]

Crowdfunding Risks: Know the Industry Before Investing

Crowdfunding is gaining in popularity in recent years. These investment platforms are opening up opportunities that weren’t previously available to average investors. By using a shared pool of resources, it is possible for people to get started with relatively small investments. While there are many opportunities to profit, it is important to learn about crowdfunding risks [...]

Crowdfunding Companies to Consider for Your Investments

The investment platform that you choose for your retirement funds will have a direct impact on the lifestyle that is enjoyed in your golden years. Are you putting your money in trustworthy, reliable investments? It can be an overwhelming decision to choose the right investment firm when you find so many crowdfunding companies in the industry. [...]

What You Need to Know about a 1031 Commercial Property Exchange

If you are preparing to sell an investment property, it is important to take a moment to evaluate your options for minimizing tax burden. In a traditional sale, the owner of the property needs to pay taxes based on the calculated capital gains. On the other hand, a 1031 commercial property exchange might be a useful [...]

What are Like-Kind Commercial Real Estate Exchanges?

Investing in commercial real estate can be a great way to build wealth over time. But it is essential that you consider the way the gains will impact the tax burden that you will be facing when the property is sold. Instead of paying high tax bills due to capital gains, you might consider 1031 or [...]

1031 Exchange Rules and Frequently Asked Questions

What 1031 exchange rules need to be addressed if you are implementing a tax-deferment strategy? As the owner of commercial properties, it is essential that you understand the rules and regulations that manage these investments. Staying within the lines can help you reduce your tax burden while building investment wealth simultaneously. What are the 1031 Exchange [...]

Stay Current with the 1031 Exchange Tax Law Changes

Tax laws are constantly changing and most people find it hard to keep up with 1031 exchange tax law changes. Instead of searching for accurate information online, the most effective strategy is to work with investment partners or a manager that understands the industry and can offer relevant advice. 1031 Exchange Tax Law Changes To begin [...]

1031 Exchange: Capital Gains Deferment

When an investor decides to sell a commercial property, it is common to have a tax bill due because of the capital gains on the property. Learning about 1031 exchange capital gains can be a great method to reduce the tax burden and minimize the amount of money that is spent out-of-pocket. Why is Capital Gains [...]

Do You Need a Commercial Real Estate LLC Partnership?

As you are looking for investment opportunities, you might be wondering if it is necessary to form a commercial real estate LLC partnership. Regardless of the type of investment that you choose, it is important that you consider the structure of the financial opportunity You'll want personal asset protection and maximum returns at the same time. [...]

Are Private Equity Commercial Real Estate Partnerships a Good Idea?

If you are interested in real estate investing but you don’t have the cash available to purchase a commercial property, then private equity commercial real estate partnerships are opportunities that shouldn’t be overlooked. It is common for people to have investment dreams that are bigger than their pocketbooks. A partnership can be a perfect opportunity to [...]

Commercial Real Estate Crowdfunding – The Right Choice for Investors?

In the past, investors interested in commercial property development or ownership faced two options: come up with the cash or qualify for a loan to cover the cost of the project. Most people don’t have cash in the bank to pay for a commercial building outright, so they turn to private investors who bring the money [...]

Investing in Commercial Real Estate Using Self-Directed IRA

There’s no doubt that commercial real estate is a great option for people looking to diversify their investment portfolios. Whether you are thinking about office buildings or retail property, you might evaluate various funding options so that you can get in on the action with real estate investing. One solution is commercial real estate using self-directed [...]

1031 Exchanges : Commercial Real Estate Basics

Commercial property owners want to maximize all of the tax advantages that are available to offset annual taxes and fees. 1031 exchanges offer solutions that can be used for various commercial properties. As you consider acquiring commercial property, it is vital to consult with financial professionals for more information about the solutions that will fit your [...]