We only hire “A Players” and are proud to say that it is harder to get a job with our firm than it is to get accepted as an undergrad into Harvard (5.3% of applicants in 2019.) In order to isolate “A Players,” we utilize a hiring system known as Topgrading (

If you decide to apply to work with us, you will be put through an exhaustive and rigorous hiring process which will determine if you are a fit for our fast paced and demanding culture.

One of the most integral parts of our hiring process is that we ask all candidates to arrange reference calls with each of their direct reports at all positions since the inception of their career. If you are comfortable with this and you feel you are an “A Player,” we encourage you to apply with confidence.

Should you not see any current opportunities that match your experience or interest-level and would like to be considered for potential future opportunities that may match your qualifications, please consider submitting your resume to

Your resume will be added to our data-base and kept on file for a period of 6 months.

Thank you.