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What You Need to Know about a 1031 Commercial Property Exchange

If you are preparing to sell an investment property, it is important to take a moment to evaluate your options for minimizing tax burden. In a traditional sale, the owner of the property needs to pay taxes based on the calculated capital gains. On the other hand, a 1031 commercial property exchange might be a useful [...]

What are Like-Kind Commercial Real Estate Exchanges?

Investing in commercial real estate can be a great way to build wealth over time. But it is essential that you consider the way the gains will impact the tax burden that you will be facing when the property is sold. Instead of paying high tax bills due to capital gains, you might consider like-kind commercial [...]

1031 Exchange Rules and Frequently Asked Questions

What 1031 exchange rules need to be addressed if you are implementing a tax-deferment strategy? As the owner of commercial properties, it is essential that you understand the rules and regulations that manage these investments. Staying within the lines can help you reduce your tax burden while building investment wealth simultaneously. What are the 1031 Exchange [...]

Stay Current with the 1031 Exchange Tax Law Changes

Tax laws are constantly changing and most people find it hard to keep up with 1031 exchange tax law changes. Instead of searching for accurate information online, the most effective strategy is to work with investment partners or a manager that understands the industry and can offer relevant advice. 1031 Exchange Tax Law Changes To begin [...]

1031 Exchange: Capital Gains Deferment

When an investor decides to sell a commercial property, it is common to have a tax bill due because of the capital gains on the property. Learning about 1031 exchange capital gains can be a great method to reduce the tax burden and minimize the amount of money that is spent out-of-pocket. Why is Capital Gains [...]

1031 Exchanges : Commercial Real Estate Basics

Commercial property owners want to maximize all of the tax advantages that are available to offset annual taxes and fees. 1031 exchanges offer solutions that can be used for various commercial properties. As you consider acquiring commercial property, it is vital to consult with financial professionals for more information about the solutions that will fit your [...]

Commercial Real Estate Tax Benefits

Depreciation, 1031 Exchange, Long Term Capital Gains Over the next few articles, we're going to briefly explain why real estate is a truly tax-advantaged asset class. First, we'll talk depreciation. As time goes on, history has shown real estate overall as an asset class goes up in price. But one of the great advantages of investment [...]