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Why Private Equity Commercial Real Estate is a Good Choice for Investors

Private equity commercial real estate can offer an excellent return for investors when the right property is chosen. But there is a risk if the asset doesn’t meet certain requirements that will benefit all investments. If you are an investor thinking about asset options for your portfolio, then our team at First National Realty Partners is here [...]

Commercial Real Estate Partnerships: The Best Way To Invest in CRE

Investing in private equity commercial real estate partnerships (LLCs, LPs, Etc.) is the best way for investors to participate in commercial real estate deals in my opinion. Here is why: Access to More Opportunities – By pooling funds together with other investors, passive investors can get involved in deals that they could not acquire on their own [...]

Reits vs Private Equity

As a passive real estate investor, where is the best place to park capital, in publicly traded REITs or in private equity vehicles? It's a question I often hear, and while there certainly is no concrete answer, I am going to briefly tell you why I think private equity is a superior structure. First of all, a real estate [...]