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Welcome to First National Realty Partners private equity commercial real estate blog. We post articles related to private equity commercial real estate, investing, taxes and many other topics related to private equity commercial real estate investing.

Risk Managment in Commercial Real Estate

Risk management in commercial real estate investing exists on a spectrum. On one end, the safest investments have the highest prices and offer the lowest returns for real estate investors. For example, a single-tenant property leased to a national tenant may return ~5% annually but may sell for a premium because of its relative safety. On [...]

Private Equity vs. REITs: Comparing CRE Investment Options

Investors seeking passive income and exposure to the commercial real estate sector are faced with a myriad of choices for their investment portfolios, one of which is whether to deploy their capital through a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) or through a Private Equity Real Estate Firm. Often, Private Equity Firms and REITs are confused for [...]

What You Need to Know about Private Equity Commercial Real Estate Trusts

Commercial real estate investing can seem like a big opportunity if you find the right deal. To the untrained investor, it is essential that you align yourself with partners and investment teams that understand the industry. Private equity commercial real estate trusts might be an excellent choice when you are looking for something that offers excellent [...]

Tips for Joining a Private Equity Real Estate Fund

Personal investments can be the vehicle that helps your family build wealth over the years. But it can be overwhelming to dive into the commercial real estate world if you don’t know much about your investment options. Instead of going through the stressful experience of trial and error on your own, consider the benefits of joining [...]

Private Investors: Commercial Real Estate Options to Maximize Your Investment

Are you considering your options for real estate investments? Private investors: commercial real estate is a great solution if you are looking for maximum returns and high-yield investments. But this is one industry that you shouldn’t jump into without knowing more about your options. Learning about various types of buildings, mortgages, and more will help you [...]

Do You Need a Commercial Real Estate LLC Partnership?

As you are looking for investment opportunities, you might be wondering if it is necessary to form a commercial real estate LLC partnership. Regardless of the type of investment that you choose, it is important that you consider the structure of the financial opportunity You'll want personal asset protection and maximum returns at the same time. [...]

Are Private Equity Commercial Real Estate Partnerships a Good Idea?

If you are interested in real estate investing but you don’t have the cash available to purchase a commercial property, then private equity commercial real estate partnerships are opportunities that shouldn’t be overlooked. It is common for people to have investment dreams that are bigger than their pocketbooks. A partnership can be a perfect opportunity to [...]

Private Equity Commercial Real Estate is a Good Choice for Investors

Private equity commercial real estate can offer an excellent return for investors when the right property is chosen. But there is a risk if the asset doesn’t meet certain requirements that will benefit all investments. If you are an investor thinking about asset options for your portfolio, then our team at First National Realty Partners is here [...]

Commercial Real Estate Partnerships: The Best Way To Invest in CRE

Investing in private equity commercial real estate partnerships (LLCs, LPs, Etc.) is the best way for investors to participate in commercial real estate deals in my opinion. Here is why: Access to More Opportunities – By pooling funds together with other investors, passive investors can get involved in deals that they could not acquire on their own [...]